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Usama Haddad
Usama who is of Lebanese descent, grew up in Jerusalem. A self taught artist, musician and writer, Usama pursued his passion for painting by traveling extensively to experience the art of the world and its diverse cultures. After residing in Europe and parts of the Middle-East, he immigrated to the USA and settled in Chicago in 1974.

Usama’s motorcycling adventures led him to New Mexico in 1990. That trip, which had become an annual pilgrimage, inspired and changed his art direction entirely from then on. “I find no harvest save that of inspiration from it’s mystical splendour and magical contrast of colours, and I return with those images that extend themselves through my fingertips, in vibrant hues of those enchanted places where I have buried my heart, my thoughts and mostly my dreams.”

A prolific painter, Usama has painted hundreds of paintings, in different media, mostly of New Mexico’s landscapes, old churches and ghost towns in classic and expressive styles, and had given thirty nine private and public exhibitions over the last twenty three years. Some of his work had been shown at the Jack Of All Arts Gallery in Madrid, NM. ,The Variant Gallery (Grimshaw Gallery) in Taos, NM., and at The South West American Art Gallery in Albuquerque, NM. Some of his works also adorn the walls of many private collectors.